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Straato is the world’s first digital asset with a value that only goes up through trading! Learn more about Straato and earn free assets for joining the Marketplace today!

A Market Revolution

We started Straato with a simple question. Why can’t an asset exist that only increases in value through trading? This question turned into a mission to make that asset a reality for the world to enjoy.

In the last decade, digital assets and cryptocurrencies have demonstrated that financial value is solely derived from demand. After all, these assets have no inherent value other than their ability to be traded. Building on this idea, we realized that there are in fact no theoretical obstacles to making our mission a reality! All we had to do was develop an effective platform and mechanism of exchange. Since then, we have pioneered a patent-pending centralized and cyclical marketplace to turn our dream of an asset that always goes up through trading into a reality!

The ideas behind Straato defy traditional rules of market economics and create infinite possibilities for reimagining them. We believe that Straato opens the door to a new, more creative, more accessible economy of the future where everyone can design their own financial futures. Straato brings the economic ideas necessary to develop this new economy into the mainstream!

Curious? Learn how the Straato Marketplace works below and check out our docs!



The Straato Marketplace is a centralized system, meaning that Straato can only be exchanged through it and nowhere else! This allows us to facilitate transactions and regulate the economy. Straato cannot be sold or accessed outside of our Marketplace and has no value beyond it. Marketplace security is our top priority and we employ a number of methods to defend it. Learn more.



Even an asset that only goes up through trading can’t go up forever! Therefore, when supply or demand of Straato drops below a defined threshold, the asset price is reset, making the Marketplace cyclical, or working in cycles. After a Reset, trading restarts as normal, offering participants the opportunity to recoup losses from the previous cycle or earn even more profit! Learn more.



We recognize the importance of transparency in the world of digital assets. As a result, there are no secrets in the Straato Marketplace! As a participant in the Marketplace, you have 24/7 access to key relevant market parameters and statistics for the system. Not to mention, you can read about the complete function of the Marketplace, down to even small details, on our Docs! Learn more.

The Straato Marketplace

The Straato Marketplace operates with two main components, the Offer Queue and the Reset, to create a centralized, cyclical marketplace for the trading of Straato. Straato can only be exchanged on the Straato Marketplace and cannot be transferred outside of the platform for any use.

Sellers/owners of Straato may list their Straato on the Offer Queue for sale in the Marketplace. Once listed on the Offer Queue, Straato may be purchased by any buyer. The Offer Queue imposes strict rules designed to regulate both the increase of the asset price and general trading procedures. For example, offers must be listed with a price greater than or equal to the highest priced offer already on the queue. This rule ensures that the Offer Queue is always ordered from lowest to highest price, ensuring that the asset price always goes up through trading! However, when demand for assets decreases below a defined threshold, the market economy undergoes a Reset, after which the market price is reset to a minimum price floor. Straato temporarily exits circulation during this process and trading halts, so the assets really do only increase in value through trading!

After a Reset, trading resumes, starting from the minimum price floor, lending the Marketplace its cyclical nature. All Marketplace participants who held Straato through the Reset will have the opportunity to recoup their losses in the new cycle. Through this system, the Marketplace incentivizes day trading and emphasizes large returns. Please check out our User Guides to read more about how Straato works!


Offer Queue

Straato trading is facilitated by the Offer Queue through which owners of Straato may list their assets for sale. Buyers may then purchase Straato from the queue. The Offer Queue imposes protective rules to regulate price and ensure a fair and functioning marketplace. Learn more.


Market Reset

When demand or supply of Straato on the Offer Queue falls below a known threshold, a market Reset will occur. This Reset imposes an asset adjustment and price correction to a minimum price floor, before restarting trading in a new cycle. The Reset is crucial to Marketplace function. Learn more.


Payment Processor

All fiat currency transactions related to the Straato Marketplace go through our third-party payment processor partner. At no point does the Straato Marketplace hold any user funds or payment information directly. Our use of third-party services allows you to feel safe and secure when making fiat currency transactions for Straato.

Components of Straato

A Cyclical Marketplace

The Straato Marketplace is a cyclical economy, meaning that it operates in periods of trading called “cycles”. Straato is best understood in this context. Click through the following prompts to learn more about the step-by-step process of how a Straato trading cycle progresses.

Transparency and Security

Transparency and security are critical to facilitating a safe, trustworthy, and open exchange of Straato assets. We are determined to protect your information and keep you well informed of Straato Marketplace functionality, events, risks, and parameters.

As a participant in the Straato Marketplace, you have 24/7 access to important market parameters and statistics, including those pertaining to reset trigger conditions, the Offer Queue, cycle trades, and more. You can also easily monitor your individual holdings, offer listings, and more, using the Straato Marketplace dashboard.

Straato partners with Amazon Web Services for our software solutions, including security measures, and a third-party payment processor for fiat currency transactions, isolated from the rest of our system. Lastly, we require users to use TOTP hardware token multi-factor authentication on Straato Marketplace accounts to adhere to the highest standard of user account security. We recommend Google Authenticator as a simple and reliable tool for this process.

Please note that when you sign up for the Straato Marketplace, you must consent to our Terms of Services and our Privacy Policy.