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Straato is a new trading market designed to level the playing field for active traders by eliminating random market noise. Learn more about Straato and earn free tokens for joining today!

Built for traders.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans trade stocks everyday. Yet, 97% of retail day-traders lose money in the markets, while large firms rake in profits with advanced technology and information advantages. That doesn’t seem fair to us. But there is nothing that we can do to change that on the broader market.

So, we created a new market to level the playing field, while addressing the root cause of why savvy traders still lose money: random price drops that can wipe out a day’s worth of earnings in just a few seconds. We are starting by testing our exchange system with digital tokens, but we hope to one day generalize the technology to create a new class of equity derivatives.

A new market to re-envision trading.

Straato is a centralized trading market for uniform digital tokens built with a new exchange system. The Straato Market is designed specifically for active trading, making it possible to develop more reliable and consistent intraday strategies, while providing the possibility of generating larger returns in shorter periods of time. Our system levels the playing field by ensuring information symmetry and creating a number of unique trading puzzles. Are you ready to join the market revolution?

A new idea of financial value.

The Straato Market is based on the idea that financial value is solely derived from demand and is fundamentally different from inherent value. In other words, for any asset, from land to stocks to Straato tokens, financial value or price is solely determined by how much others are willing to pay. With this concept, we can trade anything, regardless of any attached inherent value. As such, Straato tokens have no inherent value themselves and are conferred value only by the Market. You can read more about our thesis here.

Controlling randomness.

Stock prices are moved by tiny fluctuations in supply and demand, resulting in unpredictable negative volatility and market efficiency making profit hard to come by. Straato effectively encapsulates negative volatility so that prices are only negatively affected when demand drops significantly. This allows traders to develop more consistent strategies, without having to worry about noise, while creating fast upside potential.

Can you crack the market?

Through the personal experiences of our team, we realized the importance of developing an exciting and intellectually engaging trading system. Straato creates a number of interesting competitive trading puzzles fundamental to the operation of the Market, including a game theory 101 prisoners’ dilemma. How will you stack up?

A community of traders building the future.

We envision a market that not only engages traders individually, but also a platform to connect traders to both collaborate and compete for profits. To accomplish this goal, we need to build a vibrant community. We envision an online space for traders to discuss the Straato Market, organize group actions and strategies, and connect over shared interests. We believe that Straato has the potential to be so much more than just another trading platform. It is an exercise in the building of an entirely new digital economy, and we haven't even scratched the surface of its potential ramifications. We want to explore those possibilities with you. We can’t think of a better place to accomplish all that than on Discord. Join the community now.

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Yahoo Finance
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Yahoo Finance
Time Business News
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How it works

The Straato Market exchange system is based on a couple of key mechanisms. Each plays a crucial role in making the market work.

Straato tokens.

Straato tokens.

Straato tokens are all uniform and only exist on the Straato Market. You can think of a token as just a unique record on a hidden ledger. The tokens are valuable only in the context of the Market’s exchange system, where the real work happens.

The offer queue.

The offer queue.

Straato tokens are exchanged on what we call the “offer queue” (OQ), based on a data structure called a priority queue. You can list your tokens for sale on the queue and buy other tokens from the front. Tokens on the queue are ordered by price, enforcing that the price of tokens only increases during trading.

The reset.

The reset.

The price of tokens obviously cannot increase forever – eventually the price will get too high and demand for tokens will vanish. We monitor market demand, calculated through 2 different statistics: 1) the “velocity of the offer queue” (QVEL) and 2) “queue growth rate” (QGR). You’ll have access to these statistics at all times. As soon as demand goes below the Market minimum threshold, the Market resets and the token price goes back down to $1.

Cyclical trading

Cyclical trading.

After a market reset, trading begins again after a 5-minute pause. All owners of Straato through the Reset will likely incur unrealized losses as a result. The next cycle presents an opportunity to recoup those unrealized losses and generate profits. This cyclical process forms the basis of the Straato Market and each trading period is called a “cycle.”

A paper-trading sandbox.

Although the live Straato Market is still coming soon, we have released a paper-trading sandbox environment. The sandbox will allow you to practice trading and developing strategies on the Straato Market with no stakes. Other traders on the sandbox will include both people and bots to provide activity as we grow our trader base. The sandbox environment will also allow you to participate in live demos and earn free Straato tokens that can be traded when the real Market opens.

Refer your friends!

Refer your friends

Refer your friends to join the Straato Market and earn free Straato tokens which can be sold for profits when trading begins. The more friends you refer to join, the more free tokens you will get!

Donate to kickstarter

We will be launching a kickstarter campaign soon to help us fund the continued improvement of the Straato Market. Donate to the campaign to earn free tokens and contribute to our mission of re-envisioning trading.

Win trading competitions

We will be hosting paper trading competitions in the sandbox. Do you have what it takes to win on Straato, the ultimate strategy market? If you do, we’ll reward you with free tokens for live trading. Not to mention, bragging rights!

Contact us

Got a technical issue? Want to send feedback about a beta feature? Want to learn more about Straato's system? Let us know!

Sign up for a trading session

In preparation for our full beta launch, we are hosting live trading sessions. We need your advice to help Straato accomplish its mission of leveling the playing field for retail day traders.

Book a meeting with our team

We want to share our passion for trading and discuss any questions you might have about Straato's system. Check our availability here and schedule a call with one of our founders. We can't wait to meet you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we set out to build Straato?

Straato got its start from the founders’ attempts at developing a quantitative intraday equity trading strategy. After months of experimentation, some pretty crazy math and machine learning, and countless failed backtests, we realized that, in short time intervals and given market efficiency today, the task is very, very difficult, if not impossible. So, we decided to think about how we could potentially change that. We soon realized that any possible alternative would have to come in the form of an entirely new market, designed with an outside-the-box mindset. Straato was soon set into motion.

How was the Straato system created?

The Straato Market was born out of a year-long (and ongoing!) thought exercise as to how to design a new and better market for active traders, considering liquidity management, market efficiency, and volatility tradeoffs. The ramifications of the Straato system can be quite interesting to think about, and we invite you to join us in our pondering on the Straato community Discord.

How can I make money trading Straato? How can someone lose money trading Straato?

You can make money on Straato the same way you do on the stock market: by buying low and selling high. You can, of course, also lose money by buying tokens at higher prices, holding them through the reset, and being forced to sell them for lower prices. Just like the stock market, Straato is a zero-sum game. All we can hope to provide is a new and exciting trading experience!

When will the live Straato Market be released?

Just like any market, the Straato Market works best with more trading volume. Without any activity, trading would be really boring and not very profitable. Right now, we are trying to build up a user base for the sandbox environment before we release the live production Market. You can help accelerate this process by referring your friends!

How is Straato different from cryptocurrency?

Straato is not a cryptocurrency in any capacity. We do not use blockchain or any notion of decentralized finance. Instead of an “Initial Coin Offering,” where many crypto currencies are sold for real money to first adopters, we simply give Straato away for free.

I have other questions about Straato. Where should I go for answers?

There are a lot of places to go. We welcome any questions you might have regarding the exchange system or any aspect of Straato. The first and most comprehensive resource to check out is our user guides at docs.straato.com. If you can’t find the answer to your question there, we would encourage you to ask on our Discord community. Finally, feel free to reach out to Straato Support or book a meeting with a Straato team member. We’d love to talk if you just have suggestions for improvements, too!

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